June 3, 2023
The singer came to show a small part of her chest while pushing

Pressed by Martino’s party at the end of Villa’s parade, Gabe Martins shouts: ‘I’m out of breath’

The procession of Villa Isabel, the last group to enter the boulevard during the Rio Carnival, ended with a grand party for Martinho, in honor of the school. The vibrant celebration at the end of Sapucaí was worth a little tweak and thrust, and it ended up for singer Gabi Martins, who crossed the Sambadrome as the school’s muse. After the iron was pressed by the members in ecstasy, the former BBB came to cry frightened.

– I’m out of breath – the artist told a publicist, still sobbing, after a brief period of confusion.

Debuting in the Marquês de Sapucaí, Gabi wears a costume filled with black and purple feathers, as well as gold and blue details, which highlight the inspiration’s exquisite figure. During the riot, the props moved slightly out of place, leaving a small portion of the former BBB’s right breast exposed.

The singer even exposed a small part of her chest during the push and pull process. Photo: Gustavo Cunha

By the way, the singer also cried before entering the avenue, when she spoke about the feelings of debuting at the Carioca Carnival. Fearing anxiety, she lived a real marathon to defend the village:

– Today I came from Guarapari, where I gave performances, and I started preparing at 4 pm. I still went through four rooms to be present, and then came to focus.

Gabe Martins also commented, even before the show, about the criticism she received, during school rehearsals, for not showing much samba no b:

– I understand what people have said and I have a deep respect for samba and for the people who give this show, how much they dedicate themselves and believe in it. I devoted myself, took lessons, and then ran to do my best. Others don’t see it, it’s mine.