December 2, 2023
Leo Dias

Previous BBB Eliezer diagnosed with Rare Heart Syndrome

Former BBB Eliezer, 32, used Instagram on Sunday (13) afternoon to inform his followers that he has a rare heart syndrome.

In stories, the influencer reported that he discovered the heart problem after experiencing severe chest pain and difficulty breathing. “Hi guys, about 10 days ago I started having pain in the chest area, in the last few days the pain has gotten worse and I’m having trouble breathing.”

I went to the hospital and there I found out it was about the heart. Ex BBB explains.

I’ve already been treated, and I’m being cared for by the best doctors. These days I have to be more calm, which is why I miss here. Don’t worry, I’m at home, out of danger and anything serious like a heart attack, stroke has already been ruled out. The pain and shortness of breath are now much better. I’ll be right back,” Ellie concluded.

— By Carol Gomez, LeoDias column reporter.

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