September 29, 2023
Prime Video 'copies' Netflix and releases news

Prime Video ‘copies’ Netflix and releases news

Amazon changed its look this week and according to user testimonials, Prime Video now looks a lot like Netflix.

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For some time now, subscribers have criticized Amazon’s Prime Video streaming service interface for revamping it. On social media, there were jokes that Jeff Bezos – the founder of Amazon who became the CEO of the company until July 2021 – is one of the richest people in the world, providing such a mediocre service.

In this way, the Amazon platform changed its appearance this week and according to user testimonials, Prime Video now looks a lot like Netflix, one of the company’s main competitors. The pattern is also reminiscent of the format Disney+ uses.

Meet the new Prime Video, similar to the already known Netflix

However, to reach the level of quality of competitors (mainly Netflix), it is not enough to invest in great assets: the user experience is also important. The company promises an update with major changes, including a modern look, dynamic appearance, improved search, better organization and arrangement of content on the portal.

After 18 months of development, the new design began testing on Connected TVs (Smart TVs) and Android apps in the US this week, and is expected to roll out to Prime Video customers around the world in the coming months.

Some changes have already been noticed by subscribers of the service, among them a new functional sidebar and easier navigation for all subscribers. It is clear that Amazon has decided to meet the demands of countless users who are looking for a more enjoyable browsing platform.

As with Netflix, popular content will be highlighted right on the home screen, which actually shortens the path for many viewers. In addition, the navigation has acquired larger and less ambient images, which brings light to the eyes.

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