Prince Harry threatened to death just after his wedding with Meghan Markle !

Le Prince Harry menacé de mort juste après son mariage avec Meghan Markle !

Prince Harry could well be in great danger for several months. Man receives threatening letters since he has said ” yes ” to Meghan Markle last may !

Prince Harry receives threats from a neo-nazi group !

Meghan Markle has conquered all the English by marrying Prince Harry. Many English consider the woman as a natural person. It has quickly found its place alongside of her husband, and she seems to always be benevolent. The two have said ” yes ” to the St. George’s chapel in Windsor on may 19. However, since their marriage, the Prince would be in danger !

Some people have seen a very evil eye the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. The Sonnenkrieg Division, a neo-nazi group seems to want to endanger the prince. The group sends the last several months of threatening letters to the palace because of this marriage. The Sonnenkrieg Division does not support the idea that a human being could have married a métis woman !

Prince Harry : The group is called the “traitor of the race” !

Threats against Prince Harry are rather serious. In fact, the media Sun has unveiled several posters of this neo-nazi group. The Sonnenkrieg Division qualifies the duke of Sussex “traitor of the race” and we can also see a swastika. Andrew Dymock, a 21 year old student, would be behind all of these threats. Nevertheless, for the moment, the young man denied all the facts. Then, Brandon Russell, the leader of the group was sentenced to several months in prison for possession of materials to build several bombs…

The neo-nazi group does not take this history of marriage lightly. Moreover, these accused Prince Harry of having a ” wedding interracial “. The prince is not the only one to receive threats. Meghan Markle receives daily racist messages on the social media since she got married with the prince…


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