February 5, 2023
Prisa was attacked at home, and accused of destroying her son on Travessia TV News

Prisa was attacked at home, and accused of destroying her son on Travessia TV News

no peace for breeze (Lucy Alves) in this chapter Monday (12) in Transit🇧🇷 hate, Nubia Young woman (Dreca Moraes) will be attacked inside her home in the Globo series at nine in the morning. the mother of the I see (Chay Suede) is going to promote a horror show in the discussion he’s having with his grandson’s mother. The dealer will go so far as to accuse you of wanting to ruin someone else’s life. Tony (Vicente Alvite)🇧🇷

At the end of Saturday 10 class, the apartment of the salon assistant is entered by Nubia, who mistook the person arriving at the property to be her best friend, Teninha (Camila Rocha).

Ambition was stunned: “It’s not her tenenha, it’s me.” In the plot, she does not love her ex-daughter-in-law just because she always wanted her son to marry a rich girl from the big city, like Kiara (Jade Bacon).

The clash between the two will be shown to the audience in Monday’s class. Unfortunately, Núbia went to Vila Isabel (north of Rio de Janeiro) ready to cause. She is not satisfied with the fact of this The former washerwoman is fighting for custody of Tonho🇧🇷

For a woman, Prisa must give up her son because he will have a life of comfort and opportunity when he supports her war (Humberto Martins). The man has developed a lot of attachment to the boy, but he is not related or anything to the child.

Nabia presents her demands in the 9 o’clock TV series

Prisa asks, “What are you looking for here?” , disturbed by the sudden visit. Character Drica MoraesThen, he would reveal the reason he was there: to demand that his ex-daughter-in-law give up custody of Tonhu.

“It’s much better with Ari than with you! But you don’t think about Tonho, do you? You only focus on beating Ari, on ruining the boy’s life,” Nobia complains. Enraged, Prisa will lead her ex-mother-in-law out of her house, but the fight will not end. The two would argue in the middle of the street, attracting the curious looks of the neighborhood gossips in the area.

Upset, Nubia will make fun of her ex-daughter-in-law in front of everyone. “This is worthless! This is worth nothing,” Nabia insists, declaring behind the scenes of the series.

transit is a Novel written by Gloria Perez🇧🇷 The plot has the artistic direction of Mauro Mendonca Filho and is located in Rio de Janeiro and Maranhão. The expectation is that the series will remain on the air until now April next year🇧🇷

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