October 3, 2023
Priscilla Alcantara refutes her talk about gospel singer Bruna Carla: 'corrupt'

Priscilla Alcantara refutes her talk about gospel singer Bruna Carla: ‘corrupt’

Priscilla Alcantara, 26, criticized the singer’s speech gospel Bruna Carla, who refused to sing at a friend’s wedding because of her sexual orientation.

“It’s really sad, it’s rotten. It’s wrong on so many levels. Man, every time I open my mouth, it shouldn’t be my concern. first that Opinions are not given, they are made to be obtained. She said on ‘PocCast’, which is hosted by Lucas, that you only give when you are asked Guedez and rava okman.

Priscilla, who was also a gospel singer, confirmed that there was a lack of kindness In the words of Bruno. “When you speak, you have to do the exercise of always thinking about how your speech will get to the next stage. What I think is that I have to be careful about how the things I say are reflected in your life.”

Soon after, she quoted a passage from the Bible to justify why she thought this position was unacceptable.

Jesus says: “A new covenant I give you. Love your neighbors as I have loved you. I don’t live my faith this way: “As I worship God, I kill someone.” There is no such thing, it does not express the God in whom I believe.”

controversial talk

Bruna Karla He sparked controversy online because of his position in an interview with “Positively Podcast”, by Karina Bache. The gospel singer revealed that she received an offer to sing at a gay friend’s wedding, but turned it down.

She also suggested some kind of “treatment” for the boy saying that “what God dreamed of for you was not that, you forgive me.” The speech angered netizens and the recording spread on social media.

Bruna Carla has even received criticism from celebrities such as Gil do Vigor, Xuxa and Jojo Todynho.