December 6, 2023
Priscila Fantin (Foto: Divulgação)

Priscilla Fantine talks about illness and why she’s not back on TV

Priscilla Fantine talks about depression and talks about her moment to get away from TV

Actress Priscilla Fantine It will return to TV Globo screens with the third rerun of ‘Chocolate com Pimenta’, which premiered in 2003.

The plot will be shown again on “Vale A Pena Ver de Novo” starting next Monday (26).

in history, Priscilla Fantin gave life to the character of Olga, She recently recalled the scenes of “Chocolate com Pimenta” and He vented about a diagnosis of depression, during an interview with columnist Patricia Cogot, of O Globo newspaper.

“Chocolate pepper” It was the funniest novel I’ve ever done. It was the best behind the scenes, and everyone is so happy. It was light and delicious. said the actress.

For those who don’t know, Priscilla Fantine, 39, has been away from the series since 2016. during the interview, The actress says that she has no plans to return, but does not exclude the possibility of this.

“I have no plans, but I have nothing against that. If I come back, I will. But I’ve been through some situations in my life that made me prioritize my independence. Businesses should be able to speak to my style of handling each day, to my rhythm. She explained that this is part of taking care of my mental health.

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It is worth noting that Priscilla Fantine was diagnosed with depression at the time she was adjusting several works.

And the actress recalled how difficult the whole process of understanding the disease was.

“It’s hard for you to realize that you’re depressed. I didn’t know because I didn’t have information about the disease. I started, it’s important that we talk more and more and provide clarifications.”

“We have to end this prejudice that those who go to treatment are insane, and above all, those who need to take medication to get their head working are also insane,” he continued.

at the moment, The actress devoted herself to theater theaters and also prepared a new podcast season with her husband Bruno Lopez.

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