Private nurseries will be the effects of mother 4 years of age

Les garderies privées subiront les contrecoups des maternelles 4 ans

The early childhood Centres (CPES) and subsidized daycare will not suffer from the opening mass of the classes of kindergarten 4 years of age, assured the minister of the Family Mathieu Lacombe. Rather, it is the private nurseries and the families who will be negatively affected.

“According to the analysis that was made, child care facilities, private non-subsidized and family backgrounds will be the two types of care services that will suffer the largest decline in ridership,” said the minister in a media scrum Tuesday.

The objective of the minister Lacombe was to reassure the educators in CPE who criticize loudly and the deployment wall-to-wall classes of kindergarten 4 years of age since several days. According to him, they have nothing to fear, because his government has the intention to continue to inject funds into the public network of daycare services. An announcement on this subject is scheduled for Wednesday.

“We will invest more than ever, I would say more than any government since 15 years in educational services in early childhood and that, it speaks for itself’, he argued.

The minister of the Family said to have “constructive debate” with the network of the CPE, even if it “may give the impression at this time that the fire is taken in the network, because we hear a lot of reaction” against the kindergarten classes for 4 years.

In the question period, the prime minister François Legault argued that at the present time, 6 % of 4-year-olds attend kindergarten, while only 30 % of them attend a CPE. It wishes to join the 62 % who do not attend neither the one nor the other services, creating more places.

This addition of public services in early childhood will have an “impact” on the private nurseries, should be Mr. Lacombe, who inquired about the measures that “the government could put in place to mitigate this impact.”

Change of course

This position of the Coalition avenir Québec (CAQ) in favour of the network of the CPE portion with the speech that the party has held over the last year. When the party was in the opposition, the member Genevieve Guilbault has repeatedly defended the business model of private daycare, finding it “interesting”.

Mp pq’s Véronique Hivon, who defends for a very long time the model of the CPE, hope that the CAQ will operate a real change of course in favour of the EPC, so that these are private centres which have proliferated in recent years. “We ask the government, therefore, set aside the position that was hers before.”

Ms. Hivon hope that the minister Lacombe will give a “kick bar” in favour of the CPE.



  • 93 932 centres de la petite enfance (CPE)
  • 91 604 family subsidized
  • 46 498 subsidized childcare
  • 61 400 private day care centers (non-subsidized)

Source: ministry of the Family, to march 31, 2017

Take note that the department does not recognize spaces in a family environment private

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