Prix des libraires du Québec: the author valois, finalist in poetry

Prix des libraires du Québec: un auteur valois finaliste en poésie

Acton Vale — To 34-year-old, Michael Trahan, and can already boast of having received more literary awards than it does of writings to his credit. And it could well add another since it is a finalist for the Prix des libraires du Québec in the category of Poetry, has there been announced late Thursday night.

“We always want what we’re doing is appreciated, but we don’t expect ever really to be withheld. But this price is quite particular in the sense that his choice is based on the ecosystem of the book, on the recognition of those who help with the distribution of our work. It is rather flattering “, responded the principal person concerned in the aftermath of the unveiling of the finalists.

This is her second collection, The reason of flowers, published in October 2017 at the Éditions Le Quartanier, as the Valois of origin are among the four authors nominated in the category of quebec Poetry alongside Marie-Hélène Voyer (Expo Habitat), Alain Larose (The song of my mother) and Josephine Bacon (Uiesh Somewhere). This same book had earned him, last fall, the prestigious Governor general’s literary Award in poetry.

His previous and first film, noose (2013), was already well demonstrated by earning three awards, including the Prix Émile-Nelligan.

If this last book was ” black enough “, in the opinion of its author, The reason of the flowers is much brighter. Built as a triptych, it begins and ends with a dozen poems, among which are inserted some “200 fragments that are more concrete, such as literary excerpts, passages of my journal, and even the revelation of a biscuit chinese,” says Michael Trahan.

“This is a pretty hybrid that flirts at times with the essay, he adds. To make it short, I would say that it is a book of literature before everything. “

Prix des libraires du Québec: un auteur valois finaliste en poésie

Memory and time

During the writing of The result of the flowers, one that is also literary director of the journal Estuary fell on the true story of photos made in the years 50 or 60 that has lost the negative even before they are developed. They were found in 2010 at a garage sale. Among them include the image that appears on the cover of the collection of Michael Trahan, on which we see a woman, standing on the beach at twilight, the sea rolling to her feet while she looks into the distance.

“I found this story very impressive memory, and the relation to time, a theme that I try to develop, says the author. What you can’t abandon, haunts us, year after year. “

The two collections of Michael Trahan published so far fit into his project of writing three books that he started there a decade ago. He is currently in the process of tweaking the last ” volume “, noting in passing that the set does not form a suite, rather a triptych in which the three parties can live separately. “We can very well read without having read the others, but when you look at the whole, see this as another scope “, he says.

The winners of the Prix des libraires du Québec will be announced on the 16th of may next. The winner in the category of Poetry will receive a scholarship of $ 3000 of the poetry Festival of Montreal.

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