July 14, 2024

Problems with video calls on Whats? Experts offer the solution

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Problems with video calls on Whats?  Experts offer the solution
Problems with video calls on Whats?  Experts offer the solution

WhatsApp needs no introduction, because it is a file Messaging app The most common and used not only in Brazil, but all over the world. You can send text, voice, video, and photo messages, make voice calls, and make video calls. However, there are features that can be improved and improved.

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Experts suggest changes to WhatsApp video calls

Some experts commented on WhatsApp video conferencing and said that the functionality has a slight flaw. Users can accidentally press the call button and a random contact will be alerted. At the moment, Meta, the company behind the development, has not suggested a solution or patch to the issue.

With that in mind, the website dedicated to the WABetaInfo app has posted an alternative on its official blog. Many say this proposal should be passed and that Meta could take it into account.

Over the years, many users have asked The WhatsApp To implement a confirmation alert: Actually, it is already available, but it only appears on the first attempt to make a WhatsApp call. In fact, it would be annoying to double tap to perform an action, so tap the call button and ‘Yes’ on the confirmation alert every time you want to start a WhatsApp call. So we decided to conceptualize a new feature on WhatsApp that we called “Call Countdown”.

The site even created a motion simulator

The site specializes in The WhatsApp Release a screenshot so you can see the final look of the tool. A connection interface will appear, but it will not start until the counter reaches zero. Until then, you’ll have time to cancel if you like.

“As you can see in this screenshot, every time we make a WhatsApp call, a countdown starts: when the countdown ends, WhatsApp can finally make the call. Since we understand that waiting 3 seconds to place the call would also be annoying, there might be Some new ways to force WhatsApp to start the call immediately without waiting for the countdown: The solution would be, for example, when you bring the device to the WhatsApp app detects your ear thanks to the proximity sensor, WhatsApp no ​​longer waits for the countdown to zero, the app makes the call immediately .

Photo: On the back of the camera / Shutterstock.com

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