February 5, 2023
Production prohibits Natalia from drinking alcohol at a party · TV News

Production prohibits Natalia from drinking alcohol at a party · TV News

Natalia Deodato Banned by production BBB 22 From drinking alcohol at Lucas Bisoli’s party. In the early hours of Thursday morning (17), a notification was displayed on one of the screens in the house to alert the model. Read the message “No alcohol is allowed.”

situation happened After the sister gets to drink a lot and makes a fuss on Globo’s reality show. Nervous, she fought with Lin da Quebrada, kicked the bedroom doors, threw a chair on the floor and even punched the fireplace.

Because of the outbreak, it had to be contained by other participants and even raised the possibility of leaving the game. “I want to leave, 1.5 million Brazilian riyals is not worth it. I prefer to work in sweat,” she said, crying.

on twitter, Some users raised the hashtag Natália Expulsa. User Denise Borges commented: “Playing crazy involves the risk of injuring someone. Same goes for getting stuck at the wheel while drunk.” “She deserves to be fired, this is not her first appearance. She attacked Jesse,” Clayton Santos wrote.

Although the model did not work on purpose, some fans of the Globo reality show used the expulsions of Maria (BBB 22) and Hariany Almeida (BBB 19) as examples of cases that were also unintentional, but led to the participants leaving.

After the situation, Naty’s team spoke via the microblog: “Natalia is not feeling well psychologically, let’s hope that everything will be resolved, she will rest and get better soon.”

Check production notice:

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