December 4, 2022
Project increases MEI billing limit and annual update

Project increases MEI billing limit and annual update

The long-awaited resolution by the Small Entrepreneur (MEI) should come into effect in 2023. The House of Representatives Constitution, Justice and Citizenship Committee agreed Recently billed increases the billing limit from R$81,000 to R$144,000 annually. See how the process goes.

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The fact is that this proposal allows a MEI billing limit with an extension Modify annual. The intent is to consider official inflation so that small business owners can make real profits that accompany general increases, without the risk of being excluded from this category, because they will lose out on benefits.

Project increases MEI billing limit

The approval of Supplementary Bill 108/21 represents another remarkable achievement for the businessman. The text increases the billing ceiling for Simples Nacional and MEI. In addition to raising the cap to R$144,000, if the new law is passed, it will also allow entrepreneurs to hire two employees, not just one as is currently the case. The project goes to vote in plenary for Parliament.

If all goes as expected, the decision could take effect from 2023.

The annual inflation-based update is also a big step for the MEI. The legal figure was created 14 years ago and today represents a fact of more than 14 million Brazilians. The relevant data has been released by tax authority. The project aims to improve conditions for this category, as well as encourage the formalization of small businesses by offering more benefits to small business owners.

According to Deputy Marco Bertioli, Chairman of the Finance and Tax Committee, the idea of ​​the project is not simply to increase the limit that determines the size of MEI bills each year. “We want to allow the real beneficiaries to remain in the system and that there is no exclusion due to inflation,” he said.

After the vote in the plenary session of the House of Representatives, the project He will return to the Senate. If all goes well, he will move on to punishing the president who is currently in power.