June 3, 2023
Protests against the abolition of abortion rights on American streets |  The world

Protests against the abolition of abortion rights on American streets | The world

Protests are being held across the country in response The draft of the highest judicial body in the United States, with a Conservative majority, was leaked to the final press, Roe v will be considered for replacement. In 1973 Wade confirmed legal access to abortion nationwide.

USA: Abolition of abortion rights provokes protests

The women’s march, one of the organizations leading the protests, tweeted, “We speak today to say loud and clear: Do not touch our bodies.”

Protesters gathered outside Manhattan Federal Court during a rally for the right to abortion. – Photo: Associated Press

About 450 demonstrations are planned across the country.Major marches are planned in Washington, New York, Chicago, Austin and Los Angeles. In the capital, the demonstration is scheduled for 2:00 pm local time (3:00 pm Brazilian time) and will proceed to the Supreme Court headquarters. According to the organizers, at least 17,000 people.

Protesters at the National Business Complex in Washington. – Photo: Associated Press

Possible repeal of the Ro V case law. Wade could be reflected in the midterm elections in November, when control of both houses of Congress is in jeopardy. Democrats are pushing for the codification of abortion rights in federal law in an attempt to weaken the issue of deep-seated Republicans split ahead of the election.

The Women’s Health Care Act, passed by the House of Representatives, guarantees the right to abortion to health professionals and patients to enjoy it. However, Republicans in the Senate refused to vote on the move earlier this week.

In Chicago this Saturday (14), a protester held up a sign reading “Protect Roe V Wade.” – Photo: Associated Press

In addition, GOP-restricted states have been trying to restrict abortion rights in recent months, and repealing the 1973 decision would give them more freedom to restrict or restrict the process.

However, the congressional hearing about that were exactly where the vote came from: Politics: Do not overturn the hunt. In addition, 58% consider it important to vote for a candidate who supports access to abortion.

(With information from AFP)