March 31, 2023
Prudenco employees denounce consultant Joãozinho da Saúde for maintaining a private car in the company's workshop |  Head of Prudente and District

Prudenco employees denounce consultant Joãozinho da Saúde for maintaining a private car in the company’s workshop | Head of Prudente and District

Companhia Prudentina de Desenvolvimento (Prudenco) staff submitted a letter to the municipality Presidente Prudente (SP) Complaint against council member João Barbosa Ferreira (União Brasil), better known as Joãozinho da Saúde.

Counselor approached by Frontier TV This Monday (1) declined to comment on the matter.

According to company employees, the consultant went to the mechanic’s workshop on June 25 for employees to change one of the tires of his own car.

“You asked as a consultant, didn’t you? I want you to change it for me, because I’m in that position there. There’s no tire, no place to take it. And you can exchange it for me there, so I can leave. This is where we chose to change the front tire and put it away,” This was said by one of the company’s employees who preferred to remain anonymous.

In Prudenco’s factbook, the situation was described by the staff and it states that the counselor was intoxicated.

“I was so drunk that he didn’t know there… He said the tire blew once, only from the front. And the donkey was too and he wasn’t aware of it,” said the Prudenco employee.

Brodenko Occurrence Book – Photo: Reproduction / Frontera TV

Officials also reported that they were surprised to see the chancellor driving in these conditions. And even with just one tire change, he left the company.

“On leaving, he couldn’t start the car, went in reverse and almost hit the bus. Then he almost hit the gas pump too. It was out of control, absolutely uncontrolled,” the official said.

The situation was recorded at 3 pm on June 25. Prudenco employees contacted by the council member prepared a complaint, which was submitted to the Prudente City Council President, on Monday (the first).

The legislature emphasized that complaints had been submitted and should be analyzed by members of the councils who could choose to submit or accept them. The counselor has been a public employee of Prudenco since 2006 and holds a trusted position as chapter supervisor in the Department of Health.

Chancellor João Barbosa Ferreira (União Brasil), better known as Joãozinho da Saúde – Photo: social networks

Prudenco manifested by a note to Frontier TVfrom here:

Prudenco – Companhia Prudentina de Desenvolvimento reports that employee João Barbosa Ferreira, who was approved in a public tender in 2006, to perform the public function of a clerk, exercises the function of trust of the chapter supervisor in the Minister of Health and during his employment has not withdrawn from public office.

Although it has received a statement from some workers in the rubber and mechanical workshop sector of GERP, who opened an administrative procedure to investigate the facts about the allegations.”

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