September 24, 2022
PS Plus Easter Egg Challenge: Make and Earn Avatars

PS Plus Easter Egg Challenge: Make and Earn Avatars

Sony launched the Easter Egg Challenge for PS Plus. Small game inspired In that Japanese trading companyWhere we accompany a gentleman named Mr. Malcom, who has a vault full of items related to the PlayStation world.

Whoever finds 18 references in the content, wins a code to redeem a set of exclusive avatars on PSN. There are five perks offered to over-committed.

How is the PS Plus Easter Egg Challenge performed?

On the home page of the service, a section called “PlayStation Plus Easter Egg Challenge” is presented. Just click “Start Now”, and the video will be played.

It works like a game: while the trailer is playing, Internet users can pause and click on the references displayed on the screen. You don’t have to guess the name of the title, but some options will ask you to vote for the most interesting game – they don’t always indicate the title on screen.

If you can complete the PS Plus Easter Egg Challenge, the following screen will open:

Free avatars in Easter Egg Challenge for PS Plus

Maybe it will help: in the MeuPS article comments with mr. Owner, our readers have dropped a lot of hints about references. Who knows, there, it won’t be any easier for you.

Remember: On Tuesday (20), PS Plus Extra and Deluxe games are available for download. Learn more here!