December 6, 2023
Psychologist highlights the importance of situations that minimize harm to mental health

Psychologist highlights the importance of situations that minimize harm to mental health

In an interview with Jorge Gautier on Saúde e Bem Estar, Diego Santana offered tips to help take care of yourself and fight anxiety

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The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the lack of mental health care. With the need for social isolation, people are beginning to realize the dilemmas of a lack of mindfulness and are beginning to wonder how they can take care of such care in the face of the moment of the pandemic.

Author of “A Verdadeira Saúde” and author of the Benecer Style, Diego Santana, who was the guest of the Saúde e Bem Estar program, at CORREIO, led by journalist Jorge Gauthier, this Tuesday (17), shows that these questions are a direct result of a long period of isolation. “In this pandemic, we are being deprived of something essential to humans: coexistence,” he adds.

Diego spoke of the need to think about the situations that bother each of us right now. “The signs are inside you,” he confirms. According to the psychologist, reassessing relationships, thoughts about the self, and the contexts in which they are included are keys to understanding the next steps. “Health is not something you have, it is something you tend to,” he recalls.

For a psychiatrist, it is essential that he has attitudes that minimize the damage to mental health caused by the pandemic. Diego explains that the key step is to reduce expectations and demands on himself. “There is no way to be okay all the time even outside of the pandemic,” he notes. It reminds us that feelings such as sadness, fear, or insecurity are normal, especially in adverse situations such as a pandemic. Among the indications that Diego gave for help with self-care and anxiety are physical activities, a balanced diet, and the search for forms of leisure. “These are situations that seem small, but they generate big change,” he asserts.

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