March 30, 2023

Psychopathic disorder is more common than you think

Thanks to Hollywood horror films like “American Psycho” and “Silence of the Lambs,” we have, in our heads, a logical connection between psychopaths with heinous crimes.

However, this is not true, people with the disorder A psychopath They are not serial killers who are ready to kill everyone. In fact, this disorder generates in its patient a lack of empathy and/or attachment to feelings or people.

Logically, this kind of behavior can lead to a potential serial killer, however, unfortunately, we have many criminals in the world who are able to show such a tendency without being psychopaths.

the disturbance Diagnosis of psychosis is made only by professionals trained in both psychology and psychiatry, most of the time using a very popular tool for professionals in the area, the “Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM)”, currently in its fifth edition.

This guide is just a tool for professionals, don’t think you will buy it and be able to diagnose someone.

But how do you identify a potential psychopath?

There are some signs that, you see, could indicate that someone is a psychopath. Although it does not directly harm you, bonding (whether emotional or not) with people with this type of disorder can be complex, since they do not have any empathy and/or attachment to feelings.

These may be some of the signs that people with a certain degree of psychopathy show:

Lack of compassion and empathy

As mentioned earlier, one of the main signs is a lack or weakening of the ability to empathize and/or empathy sympathy. But how is that expressed? People with psychopathy have difficulty or even the inability to understand how their actions affect others.

For example, when you ask a question about their appearance, a person without these traits will think about how the answer affects their self-esteem, while a person with the disorder will simply say the first thing that comes to mind, regardless of who it hurts.

Tend to be reserved

People with this disorder may also show some level of protection of their personal information. Whether it’s what they do outside of work, how they have fun or any other issue in their lives.

This does not mean that they will commit crimes, just that they do not want to share their lives with someone, because they do not see how it can benefit them.

They have a high IQ

Given their low or zero social attachment, as well as the fact that they are reserved people, psychopathic people can develop a high IQ, after all, they have spent so much time devoting themselves to their lives and their personal “improvement”. Therefore, spending more time studying, there will also be an improvement in your intellectual ability.

They tend to be narcissistic

Because they do not attach much importance to others, psychopaths are the center of their own world, just like any narcissistic person, they develop a huge ego, and sometimes, even because of their high intellectual ability, they consider themselves superior to others.

In the job market, they may end up using these abilities to benefit themselves at the expense of their colleagues.

May be a compulsive liar

What leads them to the ability to lie, given the previous elements of lack of empathy, high IQ, secrecy and narcissism, people with this disorder can also be very liars Is mandatory.

This is because they do not want people to know about their lives, so they will lie whenever possible in order not to reveal their intentions. In addition, if there was any possibility of personal gain, they would use subterfuge to deliberately harm a colleague.

they are nice

However, those who think psychopaths are rude, antisocial, and “avoidant” are wrong. They may not reveal information or lie about their social lives, but they tend to be friendly and kind people in ways that benefit them.

They will not be friendly only for social reasons like most people, who love to talk and communicate, will do so for their own reasons.

However, as previously mentioned, this list is only to inform you of people who may have this characteristic, it is not a way to diagnose them, just to be safe at work or to be vigilant in personal relationships with people who may only be interested in themselves.