August 19, 2022
PT blames US for Russian invasion of Ukraine, but deletes note

PT blames US for Russian invasion of Ukraine, but deletes note

A statement said that this was a “militant policy” and that it was “never justified”.

The PT in the Senate condemned this Thursday (24. Feb. 2022) “Policy of Aggression” From the United States to Russia. The House bench chairman, Paulo Rocha (PT-PA), signed the memorandum, which the party posted on its official website, but later dropped the speech as it was affected. “Some changes”.

According to the text, A. to the United States “Cruel politics” அதுவா “Never justified” In the international geopolitical context. Here it is As it is Of reference (32 KB).

“The PT in the Senate condemns the long-standing US aggression policy against Russia and the continued expansion of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) towards Russia’s. It is a militant policy that has never been justified within the principles governing public and international law.

The summary also said that this US policy explains the conflict with Ukraine. He also wrote that if the North American country does not agree, there will actually be a conflict between the United States and Russia “A strong Russia and China outperform them economically”.

Despite criticizing the United States and NATO, the party regretted the war in its speech. Because, in short, war will harm the whole world. This is because the people involved are nuclear experts.

“The PT in the Senate advocates an immediate end to hostilities and calls on all parties involved to return to the negotiating table in accordance with the Minsk agreements.”

The report contacted the Senate PT for advice on why the content was removed from the air. According to him, the reference is not available because it goes “Some changes”.

In Senate Retreats EN

Later in the day, the party’s Senate bench issued another note, this time in line with the party’s national position. In this new text, however, the position is in favor of a peaceful solution to the conflict in Ukraine.

“The previously published text is a recommendation and does not reflect the opinion of the Senators Committee.. Here it is As it is Of the new note (32 KB).