February 1, 2023

PT charges R$100 for the anniversary of Lula’s inauguration

The value and limitations of the souvenirs, which will include a mug, T-shirt, towels and bandana, have not satisfied some supporters.

Several souvenirs from Lula's inauguration in Brasilia will be sold

Several souvenirs from Lula’s inauguration in Brasilia will be sold

Image: reproduction

The Labor Party (PT) has created a collection of inauguration souvenirs for the President-elect Luiz Inacio Lula da SilvaWhich will take place next Sunday, 1, in Brasilia. Only 10,000 sets will be made available, to be sold for R$100 during the ceremony, on the Esplanada dos Ministérios.

Promotional photos show that among the souvenirs, there is a traditional “I’m Gone” T-shirt, mugs, napkin, face towel and body towel, as well as a brooch with a PT star. The value, according to the acronym, would be “assistance in the financial affairs” of the party.

However, the price and limits of the kit did not satisfy some Labor supporters. Although the majority showed interest in getting it, others had complaints.

“I want to, but on 01.01.23 the payment has not been made. I hope they sell later,” a netizen wrote. “It couldn’t be less [do que] 100 riyals? Another noted that not many people received it.

There are also requests to sell kits to those who cannot be in Brasília, such as supporters from other states who will not travel to the concert. The shortcut hasn’t appeared yet.

paying off:

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