February 8, 2023
PT solicits donations for Lola's inauguration;  Values ​​range up to R$1,000

PT solicits donations for Lola’s inauguration; Values ​​range up to R$1,000

The Labor Party (Labor Party) has launched crowdfunding to fund the inauguration of the president-elect Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, which will take place on January 1. Auto-pay amounts vary from R$13 to R$1064, but it is possible to donate other amounts through the platform.

concert It will feature many artists, such as Pablo Vitar The Baiana System and future first lady Ganja da Silva will be the coordinator.

The party’s justification for crowdfunding is that the money will be used to “help with transportation and logistics for the general public, accommodation and welcome, create a structure for performances and attractions for a future festival, and enhance security and cultural awareness.” exhibitions and much more.”

To make a donation, the site asks for your full name, CPF, and date of birth And the amount that the person wants to allocate, which can be paid by credit card, bank voucher or pix🇧🇷 The initial pre-determined donation on the website is R$13, ranging from R$50, R$100, R$250, R$500 and R$1000.

PT will have the Pabllo Vittar System and the Baiana System at the Opening Ceremony; The party is asking for donations to help fund the event

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The possession lineup goes even further By Pabllo Vittar, and Baiana System. And 16 other artists have already confirmed their presence at Lula’s inauguration, according to Ganga. are they:

  • Pablo Vitar
  • Baiana system
  • Duda won
  • Gabe amaranthus
  • Martino Da Villa
  • Gilson
  • Chico Caesar
  • Luedji Luna
  • Teresa Christina
  • Fernanda Takay
  • Johnny Hooker
  • Marcello Genesi
  • Oder Jose
  • Otto
  • Ruiz tulip
  • Almerio
  • Maria Rita
  • Valeska Bobozuda

The party starts at 6:30 pm. According to the future first lady, there will be two stages side by side near Praça dos Três Poderes, in Brasília. Presentations begin at 6:30 PM on January 1 – after the opening. One stage will be called “Gal Costa” and the other “Elza Soares”.

“The idea is that we do the activities all day long. In the morning we will already have several people on the Esplanada. The idea is to do some cultural activities from the beginning of the morning, with people here from Brasília, from the satellite cities. Another spooky activity in the morning.”

Ganga also said that many supporters of Lula’s victory would arrive in Brasilia by caravans from all over Brazil.