June 7, 2023
Putin expresses regret to Bolsonaro at Pernambuco: a 'generalized disaster'

Putin expresses regret to Bolsonaro at Pernambuco: a ‘generalized disaster’

Jair Bolsonaro and Vladimir Putin were together in March (Photo: Alan Santos/PR)

On Monday (5/30), Russian President Vladimir Putin published an expression of condolences addressed to the President of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro (PL), against the backdrop of the deaths and damage caused by the rains that hit the state of Pernambuco.

The memo was published this afternoon on the Kremlin’s website.

“Receive our deepest condolences for the tragic consequences of heavy rains and floods in the northeastern states of your country,” Putin said.

Also in the text, Putin says Russia shares “the grief of those who have lost loved ones as a result of the widespread catastrophe.”

Putin's note on deaths in the northeast
Putin’s note on deaths in the Northeast (Photo: publicity)

Bolsonaro flew over Recife this morning. There, the president stated that Governor Paulo Camara (PSB) had not taken the initiative to seek help from the federal government.

During the press conference, Bolsonaro, along with the ministers, said, “Unfortunately, disasters happen.”

“We had similar problems in Petropolis, in the south of Bahia, to the north of Minas and I was in Acre also last year, and unfortunately these disasters happened. A continental country that has its problems.”

Speaking of allocating federal funds to Pernambuco, Bolsonaro criticized Paulo Camara’s actions in the face of torrential rains that hit the state and left at least 91 dead.

Whenever rulers or mayors sought our exodus, we responded. I think he was also lacking in initiative. The President of the Republic stressed here that no one is forbidden from attending this place, at this time.

“If the governor is doing something else, I don’t know, maybe he thinks it’s better not to be here. But we are not going to politicize this issue,” he concluded.