July 18, 2024

Putin had an intimate relationship with Bolsonaro that he did not show with Macron and Schulz

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www.brasil247.com - Bolsonaro, Putin, Macron e Scholz
www.brasil247.com - Bolsonaro, Putin, Macron e Scholz

The Russian president shook hands with Brazil, who had been tested for Covid, and turned away from European leaders, who refused to take a PCR test.

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247 – Russian President Vladimir Putin held a closer meeting with Jair Bolsonaro on Wednesday (16) – with the right to shake hands – than a meeting French President Emmanuel Macronit’s the German Chancellor Olaf Schulzin the last days.

Conversations with Macron and Schulze have become online memes, due to the scale of the schedule separating Russians and European leaders. The information released was that Macron and Schulze refused to take the Russian PCR test for fear that the country’s government could gain access to the DNA. Therefore, they had to be received in isolation.

According to photos from the Kremlin press service, Schulz entered the room of the Grand Kremlin Palace through a different door, where he was received by Putin. They did not greet each other. Macron received the same treatment, including interviews after the talks (in both cases, about the conflict with Ukraine).

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>>> Sources said Macron refused to test for the Russian Covid virus due to fears of DNA theft

Bolsonaro, who had accepted to undergo a Russian COVID-19 test, was released to attend the meeting after the negative result. Only after passing the health requirements was the format of the meeting determined to be more intimate, as happened with the President of Argentina, Alberto Fernandez, in early February.

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During the conversation, the Russian and Brazilian presidents There was only a small table between them. The conversation lasted about two hours and had lunch. The Kremlin issued a long joint statement With details of topics covered, mainly aimed at bilateral relations, especially trade.

Bolsonaro’s entire entourage conducted a series of tests. O Globo and Valor Econômico reporter Josara Soares reported that Brazilian journalists who followed the visit and witnessed the president’s joint statement also had to submit four negative tests. Another was issued on Wednesday before the meeting between the representatives.

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Putin ‘seeks peace’

In a gesture that distanced him from Washington, after a period of total submission to the United States, Bolsonaro announced that Brazil ‘solidarity with Russia’ Is that Putin ‘seeks peace’. “My reading of President Putin is that he is also someone who seeks peace,” he told reporters, downplaying warnings from Western powers about the risks of the meeting.

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