September 29, 2023
"Putin has chosen a war that will bring loss of life and suffering," laments Joe Biden  The world

“Putin has chosen a war that will bring loss of life and suffering,” laments Joe Biden The world

Biden said, “Putin has chosen a war that will cause loss of life and suffering. The United States and its allies will respond in a united and decisive manner. The world will hold Russia accountable.”

“The prayers of the world are with the people of Ukraine tonight. The Russian military forces are unprovoked and unnecessarily attacked. President Putin has chosen a planned war that will cause catastrophic loss and human suffering. Russia alone is responsible. This attack will bring death and destruction, and the United States and its allies and allies will unite And the world will hold Russia accountable. “

Biden said he was monitoring the situation and would meet with the G7 this Thursday (24th) to announce new sanctions on Russia. The US President is scheduled to hold a virtual meeting with the leaders of the United Kingdom, Canada, France, Germany, Italy and Japan at 14:00 GMT (11:00 GMT), after which he will deliver a speech.

The White House said Biden had already spoken with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky, but did not provide details about the talks.

“Putin has chosen a war that will bring loss of life and suffering,” laments Joe Biden

“I’m monitoring the situation at the White House this evening and will continue to receive updates from my National Security Council. Tomorrow morning I will meet with my G7 colleagues and speak to the American people to announce the other consequences. We must work with our NATO allies to ensure a strong and united response to prevent any aggression against the Alliance. Tonight, Jill and I pray for the brave and proud people of Ukraine. ”

White House Official Report – Photo: Breeding / Casa Franca

Russian President Vladimir Putin addressed the Russians on Wednesday night, announcing the launch of an operation in eastern Ukraine. “All decisions have already been made and the Russians must be prepared for change in the days to come,” he said.

Putin Warned that no other country should interfere in Russian action In the secluded region of Ukraine:

“Anyone who seeks to create or interfere with threats to our country and our people must know that Russia’s response will be immediate and will have unprecedented consequences in history,” the Russian leader said.