November 29, 2022
Putin: Russia has a good relationship with Lula or Bolsonaro - 10/27/2022 - the world

Putin: Russia has a good relationship with Lula or Bolsonaro – 10/27/2022 – the world

President of Russia , Russian President Vladimir PutinI told binding Who maintains good relations with both Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva (PT) with sleeve Jair Bolsonaro (PL)The two candidates in the second round of the Brazilian presidential elections.

According to him, his priority in Latin America is to continue like this, whoever wins the second round on Sunday (30).

The data is presented in Closing Session of the 19th Annual Meeting of Clube Valdaia discussion group linked to the Kremlin, which promotes meetings between Russian academics, businessmen and politicians with international analysts – such as Brazil binding.

“We know them [os rivais] They have a consensus in their relationship with Russia, despite the difficult situations inside the country. “We do not interfere in internal political processes,” Putin said.[O Brasil] He is our most important partner in the region, and will continue to be. We will do everything we can to make these relationships develop further.”

The binding He asked about the anticipation of his relationship with Lula and Bolsonaro, in the context of who would win the election and considering Brazil’s alleged neutrality in the Ukrainian war under Bolsonaro.

During talks with members of the Russian elite over five days at the event in Rogozinino (50 kilometers from Moscow) and in the Russian capital, the report was able to get an assessment of the real position of the Kremlin. About the Brazilian elections. Bolsonaro is the favorite there.

Not that Brazil’s good relationship with Russia in the Workers’ Party years (2003-16) is negligible, but the current president is assessed as more maneuverable and influential. squid, With its greater international experience and notorious pragmatismHe tends to act more independently.

This image replaces the distrust of someone who said he was allied with American interests and against China at the beginning of his term, even if the connection was with Donald Trump – the Republican was closer to the Kremlin than his predecessors and Democratic successor.

Everything changed in A trip that Bolsonaro took in the week before the invasion of Ukraine, in February. There, agreements were made to maintain the flow of fertilizers (almost 30% of the Brazilian market is Russian) into the country and meticulous negotiations began to obtain nuclear fuel certification for a future submarine powered by a Brazilian-type reactor.

The “solidarity” that Bolsonaro offered to Putin, at a time of great international isolation, is still mentioned in the talks. Russian officials have already praised the stance that followed, with a critical neutrality that led to a vote against the invasion of the United Nations and criticism of the Western sanctions regime on Moscow.

Be that as it may, Lula’s ultimate victory is unsatisfactory: The Labor Party has already criticized the Ukrainian Volodymyr Zelensky He suggested that he would continue his position at an equal distance, despite US pressure – besides, it is in the Brazilian diplomatic tradition to defend negotiations in order to resolve the conflict.

The journalist travels at the invitation of Clube Valdai