August 19, 2022
Putin views the US reaction to Russia's proposals on Ukraine

Putin views the US reaction to Russia’s proposals on Ukraine

President Vladimir Putin has said that the US government is “positive” that Russia is ready to discuss security guarantees with Moscow to prevent the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) from expanding into Eastern Europe.

“So far we have seen a positive reaction. US partners have told us that they are ready to start this discussion and dialogue early next year,” Putin told reporters at his annual press conference. The extension of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization is “unacceptable” to Russia.

Western nations accuse Moscow of invading the country after the Russian military sent tens of thousands of troops to the Ukrainian border, which Russia already annexes Crimea.

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Moscow says it wants to guarantee its security in the face of “provocations” in Kiev and the West. The Kremlin presented two agreements last week, one aimed at the United States and the other at NATO, summarizing its demands to reduce the situation.

The texts prohibit the expansion of NATO, especially to Ukraine, and restrict Western military cooperation in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union without imposing similar measures on Russia.

“The ball is in their court. They have to give us some answers,” Putin said on Thursday, adding that Russian representatives had already been selected for talks with Americans in Geneva earlier this year.