September 24, 2022
PVC highlights Marçal and Tiquinho Soares and pays tribute to Botafogo's development: 'international players'

PVC highlights Marçal and Tiquinho Soares and pays tribute to Botafogo’s development: ‘international players’

a Botafogo Finally he won again at home and was defeated Curitiba This Saturday 2-0 at Nelton Santos Stadium, with goals by Victor Cuesta and Tequinho Soares. Commentator Paulo Vinicius Coelho highlighted Glorioso’s technical development after the arrival of reinforcements and mentioned players in particular.

– Botafogo merged in the second half with more pressure. There weren’t many tackles, but all he saved up front was in the second half, when he advanced a little more. Marsal And Tiquinho Soares are two players at international level, it’s a team that will now be restructured. He stressed that this is the fifth time that coach Luis Castro has chosen this new team. PVCon SporTV “Card Exchange”.

After more than 30,000 fans got into the draw with América-MG last Sunday, about 15,000 Alvinagros witnessed a victory on Saturday. For PVC, there is a difference in environment and pressure.

– Nelton Santos varies between excitement and understanding. The matches of 35,000 people got the fans excited, the fans come and leave frustrated, the match against Avai was like that, the match against Juventud was basically like that. When there’s 15,000 here like today, the first-half boos are less bad than the 30-minute first-half booing – he said.