July 25, 2024

PVC Highlights: ‘What’s going on in Botafogo’s relationship with Jon Textor is incredible’

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PVC Highlights: 'What's going on in Botafogo's relationship with Jon Textor is incredible'
PVC Highlights: 'What's going on in Botafogo's relationship with Jon Textor is incredible'

An American entertainment-related businessman with soccer experience, John Textor He arrived in Brazil in the arms of a crowd Botafogo, a club in which he became an investor in SAF (Sociedade Anônima do Futebol). commentator Paulo Vinicius Coelho He praised the accuracy and credibility of Textor.

– It’s very positive. (SAF) It is not a project to free the club from bankruptcy, it is to transform Brazilian football into an industry. It is very unbelievable what is happening in Botafogo’s relationship with John Textor, Who is a serious entrepreneur, entrepreneur, contributor to Crystal Palace, trying to buy 25% of the shares Benfica, bought a piece of stock in Molenbeek RWD. He’s a historical showbiz entrepreneur, not an adventurer. It was founded as a businessman in English football – said PVC, on Rádio Globo.

The commentator also remarked on the Brazilian tradition of project embodiment.

– I find it strange how the relationship of Brazilian fans is still so strong with the charismatic leader, it is a feature of our relationship. I’d rather you don’t, but I can’t do anything, I’m just figuring out a point. They ask “If the club becomes a company, will the passion be the same?” The first answer is yes. Because the relationship that is being created with John Textor is that of an idol, a pop star. Which he is not, he is a businessman who bought the club with the commitment to make Botafogo a viable business. He added that it is more correct to understand in this way.

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