March 31, 2023
Qatar faces the ambassador because of the speech of the Portuguese president

Qatar faces the ambassador because of the speech of the Portuguese president

And the Emir of Qatar considered the talk about the President and Prime Minister of Portugal “hostile”. Photo: (Harold Cunningham – FIFA/FIFA via Getty Images)

The institutional situation between Qatar, the host country for the World Cup, which takes place between November 20 and December 18 this year, and Portugal, which made its World Cup debut on Thursday, is not very friendly.

Paulo Posinho, the Portuguese ambassador to the country that receives millions of visitors, was summoned by the Qatari authorities, specifically the deputy prime minister, to confront the public statements of the head of the European country, Marcelo Rebelo de Souza, and Prime Minister Antonio. coast. According to the Qatari leader, the statements of the Europeans were “hostile”.

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Portuguese politicians announced that Qatar is a country that does not respect human rights, and therefore, they will rethink their presence during the dispute over the World Cup. The president will be in the first appearance only against Ghana, while the president of the association will be in Portugal x Uruguay, on the 28th of this month, and Antonio Costa in the last round of the group stage, on December 2, against South Korea. .

According to the information he posted CNN PortugalAnd Qatar will not take “more stringent measures” just because of the “historic friendship between the two countries.” Portugal’s foreign minister revealed SIC network that the Portuguese ambassador in Doha was in direct contact with the Qatari Ministry of Foreign Affairs, but the contact was exclusively to prepare for President Marcelo Rebelo de Souza’s trip to the country, which was considered “usual practice”.

CR7 equals the record with 5 cups and cries at the Portuguese anthem

CR7 set another record in this World Cup. It is the fifth edition of the tournament (2006, 2010, 2014, 2018 and 2022), equaling the record of athletes such as Lionel Messi, Guillermo Ochoa and Andres Guardado, who conquered the statistic this year; Antonio Carvajal, Luta Mateus, Gianluigi Buffon and Rafael Marquez all have the number.

On the other hand, Cristiano reached the finals of the last World Cup at an unusual moment in his career. He had problems with Manchester United and left the team just days before his run in the Championship began. The season in England also fell short of expectations, with fewer minutes and fewer goals. Perhaps because of all this, the Portuguese moved while the national anthem was being played.