QS feared another wave of austerity

QS craint une autre vague d’austérité

Québec solidaire (QS) is concerned that the public services do not suffer another wave of austerity, even if there is a surplus in the coffers of the State.

“For years, we have justified the cuts by speaking of the deficit in Quebec. There are more, deficit, today. There is money in the coffers. Then, the Coalition avenir Quebec [CAQ] is before a choice : to continue the austerity liberal under a new name or to finally take care of the people”, stated Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois, co-spokesperson of Québec solidaire, at the exit of the caucus of his party on Wednesday.

The 10 elected members of QS say they are ready to defend services, particularly in health and education, during the parliamentary session which will begin next week. According to Mr. Nadeau-Dubois, the $ 3.5 billion surplus, “it could be used to partially rebuild our schools, it could provide some respite to our nurses, it could also relieve the burden of tariff of the people”.

Instead, he regrets that the prime minister has “asked nearly all of its departments to a new round of savings, therefore, cuts from end of candle to fund its priorities”.

Together with his caucus in Gatineau, the prime minister François Legault has confirmed that it had asked the ministries to do some “efficiency gains”, but he argued that this tightening of spending, which is already planned in the financial framework of the CAQ during the election campaign, will not affect the services to the population.

For Québec solidaire, however, it is the opportunity to use the surplus to “extinguish the fires lit by the liberals in the public services”.

Three environmental ideas

QS is also presented as a “good player” on Wednesday by proposing to the government Legault pick in its proposals environmental. The party has selected three ideas of “common sense” that the government could implement quickly and “cheap”.

He claims first, as the Parti québécois, the creation of a law-framework on the climate. This bill would ensure that Quebec addresses the climate debt that it leaves to its children.

QS also proposes to reform the building Code of Quebec in order to establish “quotas” in the use of timber in new buildings. To reduce GHG, the party wants 80 % of non-residential buildings are built with wood frame construction, instead of 20 % currently. This measure would also provide job opportunities forestry in the region.

Finally, QS proposes that the government will sit down with municipalities to add as soon as possible buses and bus lanes on major roads.



Two years after the attack on the mosque of Quebec, the hate speech towards minorities have not declined and the situation has not improved in Quebec, believes Manon Massé.

“When we talk about systemic racism, it is present in Quebec and it must give itself the means to combat it”, argued Wednesday that the co-spokesperson of Québec solidaire, in the margins of the caucus of his party.

In his speech at the commemoration ceremony of the attack at the mosque of Quebec on Tuesday night, the politician urged Quebecers to fight their “demons”.

“It must be that collectively we will say that the speeches which provoke fear of the other, which give rise to the fact to reject the other without knowing, that these discourses, it is necessary to be careful”, she explained the next day.

Even though the official statistics show a decrease in the number of hate crimes, Ms. Massé believes that “the pressure has not come down” towards visible minorities.

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