Quebec bridge: Duclos wants to bring Quebec and Ottawa

Pont de Québec: Duclos veut rapprocher Québec et Ottawa

The minister of the Family and member of parliament for Quebec Jean-Yves Duclos believes that his government has done a good part of the way to bring the CN around the table in the folder of the Quebec bridge and now wants to “strengthen ties” with the government of Quebec.

“Here, we want to bring everyone around the same table. The Bridge, it’s part of the issues that one wants to address,” said Mr. Duclos without giving a timeline. “It is necessary to put an end to this unpleasant situation and the solution will require a collaboration between Ottawa and Quebec,” he continued, and believed to be “close to an agreement” with CN, which owns the bridge.

“And we need to strengthen the links between Québec and Ottawa to seal the opening of the CN,” said Mr. Duclos.

More details to come…

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