Québec intends to equalize the conditions of practice in the taxi industry

Québec entend niveler les conditions de pratique dans l’industrie du taxi

MONTREAL — The minister of Transport, François Bonnardel, do not intend to maintain indefinitely the transport service paid Uber in the gray area of the pilot project.

On a visit to Montreal, Friday, the minister met with many stakeholders in the field of transport, including representatives of the taxi industry, so that he came to discuss the sustainable mobility policy of his government.

Although the meeting was not the subject of the taxi, Mr. Bonnardel was promised that he would, from this year, “introduce legislation that will bring all players in the taxi, or Uber, or Eva, that this is Netlift, to play on a rink where everyone will find his account”.

So far, the government caquiste of François Legault has not given any indication on how he intends to deal with this issue, but industry players waiting eagerly to know what the future holds.

Uber, a multinational company that has been recognized by the courts as being the equivalent of a taxi business, has obtained permission to conduct its activities on the territory of quebec in September 2016 on the basis of a one-year pilot project. This pilot project was extended in September 2017 until 14 October 2018.

Although the provincial election is occurring on October 1, 2018, the liberal Transport minister, André Fortin, has extended the pilot project for another year by decree on 12 October, while he was still in function before the transition with the new government caquiste.

The government order invoked the emergency, in particular because “the end or the interruption of the services of Uber Canada inc. Quebec would have a definite impact on the quality and availability of transportation services paid, which would be compromised in view of the reduction of the service offer, which would have an immediate impact on the mobility of people”.

André Fortin was as well to bring it to the maximum limit on the duration of the pilot project, the section 89 of the Act respecting transportation services by taxi providing that “the pilot projects are established for a maximum period of two years, the minister may extend not more than one year”.

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