Québec must provide$ 40 million for the Games of la Francophonie, said QS

Québec doit offrir 40 millions$ aux Jeux de la Francophonie, dit QS

QUEBEC city – like the federal, Québec solidaire (QS) applied to the government Legault increase of 17 to $ 40 million its financial aid to potential francophone Games in Sherbrooke, in 2021.

QS has therefore requested Thursday that the government caquiste assume, at parity with Ottawa, one-half of the invoice of the Games, valued at not less than $80 million.

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On Wednesday, the minister of international Relations of Québec, Nadine Girault, announced an offer of $ 17 million, for the staging of the Games, leaving all the rest of the addition to the federal.

However, the Trudeau government was quickly ridiculed in the evening the proposal of the government Legault, and has called them to do “serious”, and reminded him that Quebec is a full member of the international Organization of the Francophonie (OIF).

In a media scrum Thursday morning at the national Assembly, the mp QS Vincent Marissal has resumed the same argument, citing that Quebec must exercise his real power corresponding to its actual status, within the single international body which it a full-fledged member.

He claims, therefore, that the government Legault increases the bet to not get outflank the. “The usual formula, it is half and half, otherwise it behaves in panhandlers in front of the Ottawa, or, we don’t want that it works and we want to say, not Ottawa. The government of Quebec is not the figure of a serious government.”

Remember that Sherbrooke is on the ranks to get the Games after the withdrawal of Moncton and Dieppe, New Brunswick. The government of this province is, in fact, removed because of the explosion of costs. They had gone up to $ 130 million before being revised to $62 million.

Sherbrooke had estimated the bill to $ 74 million, to which must be added, however, additional costs for security. Quebec wants to get OIF the specifications of the specific Game, to know what to expect.

On Wednesday, the government Legault had justified his $ 17 million, explaining that this is what the previous government Couillard had pledged to pay when Sherbrooke was presented for the first time his candidacy five years ago.

Talks between Quebec and Ottawa are expected to take place in the next two weeks, said a source Wednesday.

A committee of the OIF was also due to meet in Paris on Thursday regarding the Games.

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