Québec puts to the bin 18 000 immigration records

Québec met à la poubelle 18 000 dossiers d’immigration

The government of Quebec wants to put it in the garbage 18 000 immigration applications that it has not yet processed in order to select immigrants who are more responsive to the needs of the workforce in Quebec.

This is provided for in bill 9, which was filed on Thursday by the minister of Immigration, Simon Jolin-Barrette. All the applications presented in the framework of the regular Program of skilled workers before the August 2, 2018 and which have not yet been accepted or rejected would be cancelled.

The immigrants who were waiting to be able to come to work in Quebec will probably have to start the process over from the beginning. The bill provides that the fees paid by the persons who have submitted such a request shall be refunded, without interest, and such persons may not claim the government’s damages or compensation for the harm caused.

The minister Jolin-Barrette gives himself new powers, such as those to collect from immigrants, information about their level of French and their integration in the labour market.

The bill focuses on the need to select foreign nationals who correspond “to the choice of Quebec, particularly to the needs of the labour market, in light of the economic, demographic, linguistic and socio-cultural”.

This bill also lays the foundations for the French test and the values test that the CAQ wants to impose on the newcomers. It puts the emphasis on the need to learn French when we moved to Québec and to know the “quebec values expressed by the Charter of rights and freedoms of the person”.

More details to come…

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