January 29, 2023
Queen Elizabeth II dies at the age of 96 |  Globalism

Queen Elizabeth II dies at the age of 96 | Globalism

The Queen Elizabeth II He died this Thursday (8) at the age of 96 at Balmoral Castle, Scotland. The announcement came through the official channels of the British royal family.

“The Queen passed away peacefully at Balmoral this afternoon. The King and Queen will remain at Balmoral tonight and return to London tomorrow,” the Royal House said on Twitter.

The Queen’s four sons, Charles, Anne, Andrew and Edward, had traveled to Scotland when it was announced that the Queen was under medical supervision. Her grandson Prince William also went to Balmoral Castle. In the afternoon came the news of his death. a 70 years rule It makes Elizabeth the British Queen the longest-lived in history.

Queen Elizabeth II at Balmoral Castle, Scotland, on September 6, 2022 – Photo: Jane Barlow / Posted via Reuters

With the death of the king, her eldest son The current King Charles, he assumed the throne of the United Kingdom and 14 other countries in which the British monarch is the head of state, such as Australia and Canada. In the statement regarding Elizabeth’s death, he was already treated like a king.

Official statement regarding the death of Elizabeth II – Photo: Buckingham Palace

Queen Elizabeth II delivers a Christmas address at Windsor Castle. Photo taken on December 24, 2020 – Photo: Victoria Jones / Pool via Reuters

The Queen’s health has become a growing concern since October last year, when it was revealed that she I spent a night in the hospital for medical ‘exams’ which has not yet been detailed. Since then, she has greatly reduced her schedule, as public appearances become increasingly rare and her notice walks with difficulty with the help of a cane.

The last disturbing event was Nomination ceremony for new British Prime Minister Liz TrussTuesday (6). On that occasion, Elizabeth II, for the first time in history, moved the ceremony to Balmoral Palace, where she was. By that time, all previous prime ministers had been appointed to Buckingham Palace in London.

A photo of the meeting released by Buckingham Palace, which shows the Queen shaking hands with Truss, has caused unease because, according to analysts, the Queen’s hand looked very purple. (see video below)

Queen Elizabeth II’s last appearance before going into medical care

in May, Charles replaced Elizabeth II at the official opening of the UK Parliament. It was also the first time the king had not presided over this session.

The Queen’s participation in celebrations has been reduced The Platinum Jubilee, a series of events that celebrated the seventieth anniversary of his reign, in early June. In addition to the tight schedule, she Canceled attendance at mass During the event due to feeling unwell.

But since the first health problems appeared, Buckingham Palace has said very little or issued restrictive notes about the Queen’s health, always referring to the problems as illnesses.

This 2016 photo shows Queen Elizabeth II with Princes Charles, William and George, next to the British throne. – Photo: Ranald Mackechnie/Buckingham Palace via AP

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip with their grandchildren in a 2018 photo. Left to right: Prince George, Prince Louis (on the king’s lap), Princess Charlotte, Savannah Phillips (back), Isla Phillips, Lena Tindall (in the lap) and Mia Tindall – Photo: The Duchess of Cambridge / Personal Archive

Queen Elizabeth II on the last day of the platinum jubilee celebrations – Image: Reproduction/Globunews