December 3, 2022
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Queen Elizabeth II: The first photo of the King’s tomb next to Philip has been released; See and know the details

The moment we did not think would come … On Friday (23), the press managed to get to the first photo of their last official resting place in Queen Elizabeth II. The British portal Daily Mail obtained the images and provided details of the tomb, which contains a slab of Belgian black marble. The space bears the name of the late queen in gold, along with the name of her husband, Prince PhilipWith them being together forever.

Picture of the deposit, located in Capela de São Jorge, in Windsor CastleIt was obtained after worshipers were allowed to enter the site this week to provide church services. In the photo, you can see Elizabeth II’s name, date of birth and date of death, written alongside the name of her father George VI, mother Elizabeth, the Queen Mother and her husband Philip, who passed away in April. Last year, at the age of 99. shovelTo see pictures of the memorials, click here And the over here.

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This is the first time the names Elizabeth II and Philip have appeared together at Memorial Chapel. Once, an earlier photo, released in 2002, showed only the golden inscriptions of George VI and Elizabeth I, along with their dates of birth and death. In the order of the new composition it can be read: George VI 1895-1952; Elizabeth 1900-2002; Elizabeth II 1926-2022; Philip 1921-2021. Shown between the couple’s names is one metal star, which is the badge of the Order of the League, the oldest and noblest knighthood in the United Kingdom.

The unpublished photo was taken on Wednesday (21), of a woman who was in a church service. She explained to the Daily Mail:I went there for a prayer and fortunately it was enough to be able to see Her Majesty’s final resting placeShe stated that she felt proud to be able to see the site up close:As you can imagine, it was very touching to be able to express my respect to our beloved Queen. I recognized the stone from photos I saw in the media during the funeral, but soon realized that the names of the Queen and Prince Philip have since been added.“.

“It was so touching to see their names like this and to think of them together forever. And I feel so lucky to have been one of the first people who got to see this. I’m sure others will want to travel to see this in the future because it’s a simple but beautiful cause so many are affected. Of the millions of people the death of the queen.‘ the English woman added.

Participants in the women’s prayer group were shocked to learn of its existence A chance to see the resting place of the late queen“. And the service lasted about 30 minutes, and on that occasion they also prayed for King Charles III. Worshipers were invited to reflect on him and the rest of the British royal family on this.”sad moment“.

The new slate was placed immediately after Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral, which took place on Monday (19). On Wednesday (21), the Capela de São Jorge opened regular church services, and is set to reopen fully to the public next week.

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