February 27, 2024
Quieter · TV News

Quieter · TV News

Jade Picon was glad to see him Arthur Aguiar and Lucas Bisoli exit the captain’s test From BBB 22. In the early hours of Friday morning (25), the influencer commented on her competitors’ exit from the match. “I feel calm,” she famously assumed.

During a resistance test at the time, the Camarote member spoke with Paulo Andre Camilo after the two brothers were eliminated from the leadership competition. “Now I feel calm. There are two threats…” I analyzed, without completing the sentence.

Arthur and Lucas were disqualified from the activity by more than two hours of resistance. They failed to assemble the puzzle and had to leave the test area. Myra Cardi’s husband shook, sat down on the sofa and stood still for a long time.

In addition to missing out on the opportunity to devote the big character of the week, the actor and medical student were sent to the wall due to the dynamics Tadao Schmidt announced Thursday evening (24).

How is the BBB 22 Leader Test?

In the dispute, upon hearing the coin signal, the player on one side of the test field must disassemble the puzzle and transfer piece by piece to his partner. On the other side of the path, the second player receives the pieces and must assemble the puzzle according to the template displayed on the screen. Check what it removes below:

Only after the puzzle is assembled, the second player can press his button. The first player, who is the one to unlock the puzzle, can press his button at any time during the round. But be aware: both buttons must be pressed to finish the duo’s mission. The first pair to complete the task in time wins the right to rest on the sofa in the next round.

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