December 9, 2022
Where it invests a prize of 110 million Brazilian riyals

R$ 200 Million from Mega-Sena Generates R$ 1.4 Million Savings per Month – 09/28/2022

After accumulating in the last draw, Mega-Sena can pay out an estimated prize of R$200 million. How much would this money generate per month if it was invested in savings or bonds? fixed income?

The report consulted an expert who took the calculations into account inflation and the current interest rate. The premium amount disclosed by Caixa already includes a 30% discount on Income tax. In other words, the Mega-Sena winner will receive a net amount of approximately R$200 million.

Savings: Income of R$1.4 million

The R$200 million would save roughly R$1.4 million per month, according to calculations by Marcus Edison Greebler, investment advisor at Sicredi Iguaçu PR/SC/SP. Income is exempt from paying income tax to individuals.

Treasury and CDB: R$ 1.84 million and R$ 1.82 million

The Treasury will generate approximately R$1.84 million each month, after deducting the 15% income tax for orders drawn for more than two years.

The CDB (Certificado de Depósito Bancário) with 100% of the CDI (Certificado de Depósito Interbancário) has a slightly lower yield: it will bring in R$1.82 million every 30 days, with income tax also deducted.

Treasury IPCA +: Income of R$ 1.98 million

IPCA + Treasury offers more money to fixed income investors, according to the expert.

This app is linked to the IPCA (Broad Consumer Price Index), which measures Brazilian inflation.

This address is more recommended for those who want to get a refund in the distant future for the purchase of a house or a car, for example. The government makes options available with expiration dates from five to more than 30 years.

IPCA + Treasury with Redemption in 2045 offers the Mega-Sena winner an approximate total of R$ 1.98 million every 30 days, taking into account a 15% income tax rate.

“Treasury bonds will only have the described yield if they are held to maturity,” says the expert.

Calculations were based on current information and may change due to economic changes, these are estimates only.

Treasury yield is a theoretical account, as it has an investment limit of R$1 million per month per investor. It will not be possible to invest the entire prize at once.