June 6, 2023

R$5.00 banknotes can be sold for up to R$300.00: see how!

The return of the World Cup poster album has ignited the flames of many “collectors”, professional or not. The good news is that there are areas that can still make extra money.

For example, numismatists and specialists in coins and banknotes were able to revolutionize this market. Next, for example, let’s talk about a file 5 Brazilian Real banknote Which can be sold for a good value. Understood!

Discover this $5 banknote that can sell for good value nowadays

How do you recognize a rare note?

First, it is important to remember that the world of collectors and specialists in banknotes or coins is like any other.

In other words, it is necessary to meet other experts and learn little by little.

That is, there is no formula for Recognizing a rare note or coin. In general, some features are important:

  • print/create time: the oldest is not always the most valuable, but it can be a good indicator;
  • maintain;
  • Number of Items Printed: This is perhaps the most important. It is always interesting to see how this element was saved at the time of its creation.

A rare $5 note

Nowadays, there are some options that are more recognized and some that are hard to find.

For example, a lot is said about A 0.05 Brazilian Real coin can be worth up to 800 times its value or give The 1.00 Brazilian real coin from the Olympic Games is sold for 9 thousand Brazilian real.

However, the demand for banknotes has increased significantly. Among them, there is a file Rare 5 dollar banknote It is sought after by many collectors.

And how is this rare 5 Brazilian real note? The features are as follows:

  • string beginning with the letters CJ;
  • The signature was signed by Minister Henrique Meirelles;
  • Signature of Central Bank President Alexandre Tombini.
  • This note contains only about 400,000 units, so it is a file $5 bill for $300 Nowadays.

How do you sell a rare coin or note?

Finally, if you are shopping for this type of item or have a rarity at home, beware.

There are different ways to Selling rare banknotes and banknotes. The fastest and most accessible is through shopping and sales sites:

  • OLX.
  • free market; Among others.

Finally, another option is to go to the website of the Brazilian Money Association (SNB) and check the ads and available stores:


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