May 28, 2023

Rafael Bello, from Cruzeiro, breaks down after injury in a match against Santos – Radio Itatiaia

In the starting line-up against Santos, for the fourth round of the Brazilian Championship, Rafael Bello vented on social media after Saturday’s confrontation (6), in Independencia, in Belo Horizonte.

In eight minutes of the first phase, the striker controlled a ball inside the area but felt his left calf and had to substitute it. Selected for the vacant position was Wesley, who scored both goals for Celeste and secured victory over Bixie, 2 to 1.

“The phrase ‘Building is hard and takes a long time, can be destroyed in seconds’ didn’t make much sense to me,” he said on Twitter.

Good stage on Cruzeiro

In recent matches, Rafael Bello entered the second half as an option for attacking midfielder Nikao. Already on Saturday (6), he gave Pepa a chance to play in the starting lineup, but an injury at the start of the duel prevented him from continuing on the field.

During the match, Bello left Cruzeiro’s locker room on crutches and wearing orthopedic shoes.

Cruzeiro has not yet officially commented on the injury.

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