May 31, 2023

Rafael Cabral, from Cruzeiro, tells how he met Vibio in Maracan

Photo: Staff Photos/Cruz

Rafael Cabral met Vibio again in a Brazil Cup duel

Rafael Cabral, of Cruzeiro, on Monday (27) reported at a press conference, how the reunion with Fbio, of Fluminense, was.

And goalkeepers participated in the duel between Minas Gerais and Rio de Janeiro last Thursday (23), when The Three Colors beat Raposa 2-1 In the first leg of the round of 16 of the Brazilian Cup, in the Maracan.

“We met before we left to warm up. We went out to warm up at the same time. We hugged, we all talked, goalkeepers, me and Phoebe are there for a while,” Rafael said.

“We spoke after the match, but there was always a rush to get out, do doping, lock up in the locker room. But we’ve talked before, yes. It was a pleasure to meet you again after so long and I hope we meet here soon.”

Cruzeiro’s idol, Fabio played for the first time against the former club since his move to Fluminense, at the start of this season.

A new meeting has been scheduled between Cabral and Fbio. Cruzeiro and Fluminense will face each other again on July 12 (Tuesday), at 9pm, in Mineiro, for the second leg of the Copa Brasil Round of 16 second leg.