May 31, 2023
Rafael Ramos arrested for racial slander;  Corinth pays bail

Rafael Ramos arrested for racial slander; Corinth pays bail

Rafael Ramos, right-back Corinthians, was arrested in law, today (14), after accusing him of practicing racism against Edenelson, from Internacional. The player was arrested and detained at the police station in the Beira Rio stadium, the match stage for the sixth round of the Brazilian championship. Shortly after midnight, Corinthians paid the bail in cash, and the athlete would respond freely. The bail amount was 10,000 Brazilian riyals.

Rafael Ramos, 27, arrived in Corinthians this year. to me UOL EsporteCarlo’s representative Butarelliof the Rio Grande do Sul Civil Police, confirmed the player’s arrest.

According to the Civil Police, the arrest was made following Edenelson’s complaint and summary report. The official match document recorded Edenelson’s accusation and details of the conversation between the players during the five-minute match break.

Two police officers entered Beira-Rio’s locker room shortly after the match. However, Edenelson’s testimony came more than an hour after the final whistle. On social media, Inter’s No. 8 revealed that he sought Rafael Ramos to hear an apology, but he heard negative from the Portuguese, and then decided to file a police report.

Also according to the police, with the player released on bail, the player will be held accountable for the investigation freely.