July 20, 2024

Ragnarök’ is the most BAFTA nominated game

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Ragnarök’ is the most BAFTA nominated game
Ragnarök’ is the most BAFTA nominated game

PlayStation games are very popular, very popular with both boys and girls, and are a hit in Brazil and the world. In this gaming scenario, we haveGod of War: RagnarokIt is one of the favorite games of young people. To substantiate this statement, it is considered the most voted in a major gaming awards ceremony.

BAFTA Games Awards

a BAFTA Games Awards, of the British English Game Academy Awards, is an annual British awards ceremony honoring excellence in creative achievement in the video game industry. At the end of it all, it is possible to learn respectable games in this environment.

Through it we can get information about the best sounds, multiplayer, technical achievement and of course the best game. This event is held every year, and last year (2022), “Returnal” won for Best Game and Sound.

game of the year

“God of War: Ragnarök” leads all voting nominations, currently with 14 recommendationsAlso including the title of Best Game, Narrative, Game Design, and Artistic Achievement.

In addition to him, “Elden Ring” is very well evaluated, competing for seven awards. Also vying for the award are “Horizon Forbidden West,” “Immortality,” “Marvel Snap,” and “Stray.”

How do you vote?

For those who want to be part of this moment of choice, voting is open for EE Game of the Year – the only publicly voted BAFTA Games award.

To participate is very simple. The site requests some personal data such as name, phone number and email address. Also, of course, you choose which game should win the prize.

Voting is exclusive to those over the age of 18 and the organization may require proof of this with a valid passport or driver’s licence. By participating, the individual agrees to the system’s data usage policy.

The selection period closes on Sunday, March 26th, and the winner will be announced at the BAFTA Game Awards the following Thursday, March 30th.

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