March 30, 2023
Rain, lightning, and storms advance from northeastern Argentina

Rain, lightning, and storms advance from northeastern Argentina

Rays of clouds to land across the skies of Santana de Livramento Sunday night as instability creeps in from the west | Fabian Ribeiro

The truce of instability lasted little, and as expected, the rains returned to Rio Grande do Sul. Areas of instability are advancing on Sunday night from the provinces of Corrientes and Misiones in northeastern Argentina to the northwest and west of the state of Rio Grande. Do Sol. With rain, lightning and scattered thunderstorms.

The instability accompanies a low pressure center that generates an atmospheric pressure gradient with a high center over the ocean, resulting in A very windy day in Porto Alegre. Wind gusts exceeded 60 km/h in the state capital and continued, albeit intermittently, Sunday night.

Low atmospheric pressure combined with warm, moist air created storms in central and northeastern Argentina on Sunday afternoon. In Opera, Misiones, rain caused a stream to overflow and flood. In Córdoba, large amounts of hail fell into the villa of Carlos Paz.

At night, the Middle East continues for Rio Grande do Sul, which includes Porto Alegre and the North Coast, with consistent weather, winds, and mild temperatures. The instability is concentrated in the Midwest, where isolated dense clouds cause locally torrential rain, many of which rays And the high risk of precipitating a local cold.

Santana do Livramento, located on the Uruguay border, was one of the cities that actually had records of electrical discharge. Weather radar images for Mercedes (Corientes) from Argentina’s National Weather Service Showed a cell with high hail potential between Uruguaiana and Alegrete.

Instability affects other areas of Rio Grande do Sul throughout Monday, the eve of a holiday when rain should fall from south to north in Rio Grande do Sul.

The sun appears even with clouds in different parts of the state on Monday, but instability is expected in all areas. Zones of instability advance from west to east through the state of Rio Grande do Sul throughout the day, bringing precipitation.

The distribution of precipitation should be erratic with low volumes in most locations, however isolated points may have transient storms with heavy rain, lightning and risk of hail damage.

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At different times, there may be periods of sunshine and showers with the possibility of thunderstorms. The wind is still blowing moderately, with strong gusts at times in the south and east of the state, as it is today, at speeds ranging from 60 km / h to 80 km / h.