July 23, 2024

Randy Pitchford says Microsoft and Sony have never been competitors and can work together

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For Randy Pitchford, founder and president of Gearbox Software, now part of the Embracer Group, Microsoft and Sony have never been competitors, and in fact, he believes In the future they can even join forcess , which will be useful for both.

Pitchford: “How long will it be before Sony remembers that it is primarily a consumer electronics company, finds happiness with Microsoft, a software company, Run Microsoft software on Sony devices? for me they are They were never competitive. “

Additionally, Pitchford continues with his opinion after the tweets: “Sony: They better not take Call of Duty off our platform!” Microsoft: “Brothers, we are trying to bring our games to your platforms. I mean, haven’t you spent $2.5 billion on Minecraft enough to convince you? “

According to Pitchford, the future will see the demise of physical Xbox consoles, because Xbox will be ubiquitous because of the cloud: “In the long run: Blizzard games will run on both Xbox and PlayStation, and there is no longer a need for that. Xbox. It will become a software platform All hardware manufacturers should be happy about this. Most of the friction is just in revenue.”

Then Pitchford concluded: “I think Sony knows Xbox wants to focus on gaming, but it’s quite protective of itself (for good reason). However, There is a chance that they can become allies, meeting in the middle of the road. It would be great. I love Sony and I love Xbox, so…”

What do you think of Pitchford’s opinion? Should companies unite? Sony games on Game Pass and Game Pass on Playstation? Is it possible?


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