Raphael Lessard, a skier with big dreams

Raphaël Lessard, un skieur aux grands rêves

A young Granbyen trace his path in the world of alpine skiing. Raphael Lessard returns from a circuit of six weeks in Europe, where he participated in competitions of the circuit of the international Federation of skiing (FIS) in addition to stand out at the world junior Championships, held in Italy. It is even mounted on the top of the podium in three of five events in the category U-18.

Today at the age of 17, Raphael Lessard is practically born with ski boots to the feet. In two years, he learned to direct on the ski slopes with her parents, Geneviève Rivard and Martin Lessard, Sutton. Quickly, he began to dream of participating in the competitions in which he was a witness. At age 7, he joined the Club de ski de Bromont and a few years later, he became more serious about his goal of competing everywhere in the world.

His parents have provided the means in the register for ski camp of the Burke Mountain Academy in Vermont. While he was in secondary 1 and 2, the Granbyen studied at the Collège Mont-Sacré-Coeur before and after the ski season. In the winter, he went off to the Burke Mountain Academy, where he focused on the various disciplines. He studied by himself and was returning to Granby at the occasion that he / she is assigned work to be done and that we test what he had done previously.

Since secondary 3, he spent the school year in Vermont, where he skis, and learn. “It is an academy, a ski where there is the school according to the ski,” explains Raphael, met him when he spent four days at home with his parents.

The Burke Mountain Academy has allowed him to develop. This year, his workouts focus on slalom, giant slalom, super-G and downhill. Two of these disciplines require speed, while the other two are more technical. “I am not specialized in a discipline. I am able to be competitive in all events. I enjoy all of the skiing. “

It is a good thing for him, ” explains his father, because the national team and the american universities are not looking for the same profile. In performance, both in technical disciplines and speed, he keeps all the doors open to fulfill their dreams : the world Cup and the Olympics. “It is sure that, if I join the national team or the university circuit, they are two very good ways to get there. It is necessary to put efforts “, underlines Raphaël Lessard.

On the circuit of the FIS

The young Lessard has also started to compete on the circuit of the FIS. For six weeks, he has traveled to a few countries in Europe to participate in competitions.

“Going to do in Europe, it was very interesting, because they are competitors very different and they are different tracks, the snow is different,” says the young athlete. We have chosen races with a high enough level. It was a good challenge. This was not necessarily the performances brilliant, but it was very good for my development as a skier. “

He has also been invited to the World junior alpine skiing thanks to its previous performance. Athletes from all over the world, who were born between 1998 and 2002 were the appointment. There was a sub-class for skiers of 17 and 18 years old. It is on the podium of the U-18 that it is mounted three times in the downhill, super-G and alpine combined, downhill speed combined with a slalom technique. It has, however, been less good days for the giant slalom and the slalom, due to the deterioration of the track over the passages.

“It is easier for me to be competitive in the U-18 because I do not compete against guys in their twenties, but against guys of 17 and 18 years old. It was a good feeling to know that I was able to compete with some of the best U-18 in the world. It was really fun to also compare to U-21 and see, their level is still quite high. The track competition was of the highest caliber. “

It was his first participation in such a competition, televised and commented on, moreover.

His next competition will be the final Nor-Am Cup, which will take place in Burke, Vermont, and Sugarloaf, in Maine, the day after the school break. Two days after the final in ten days, it will be the canadian Championships at mont Édouard, in Saguenay.

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