June 6, 2023
Rare alignment of five planets to be seen in June |  Sciences

Rare alignment of five planets to be seen in June | Sciences

It’s a rare sight: it can only be seen once every 18 years.

During this June, it will be possible to enjoy with the naked eye the alignment of five planets in the sky: Mercury, VenusMars, Jupiter and Saturn.

They’re Earth’s closest neighbors – and to keep an eye on them, you don’t need to use telescopes or binoculars, just Wake up half an hour before sunrise and you have a clear sky (no clouds).

Although the quality of observation is better in rural areas – which tend to have darker skies – the view can be admired from the cities.

Of the group of five planets, Mercury is usually the most difficult to imagine due to its proximity to the Sun, from which it will move gradually during the month of June, making it easier to observe.

According to experts, The best day to see this link will be June 24when Mercury is farthest from the sun and will be visible until an hour before dawn.

Also, on June 23, the position of the moon will be determined between Venus And Mars – exactly in the place that corresponds to the Earth – so it will be possible to enjoy six celestial bodies lined up in the sky.

The last time this conjunction of five planets occurred was in December 2004 – and it won’t happen again until 2040.