November 30, 2023
Rare 'Cotton Candy Color' lobsters hooked by an American poacher |  Globalism

Rare ‘Cotton Candy Color’ lobsters hooked by an American poacher | Globalism

A fisherman from Maine, in United StateA rare “cotton candy” lobster was caught over the weekend.

Known in the United States as lobster cotton candyCotton candy lobster The animal with its bright blue exoskeleton is very rare.

“It’s very rare to have one in 100 million,” fisherman Bill Coppersmith told NBC. “And we picked it up here, in Portland, on Casco Bay. Look how beautiful it is.”

Haddie, a cotton candy-colored lobster hanging in Maine – Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

The animal named Hadi was named after the hunter in honor of his granddaughter. He stated that he did not intend to sell it, but rather put it in the pot.

Coppersmith said he is looking for an aquarium that will take care of the rare crabs so they can safely grow and develop.

“Cotton Candy Color” lobster caught in Maine, USA over the weekend – Photo: Reproduction/NBC

“Cotton candy” lobster has an exoskeleton similar in color to opal, and is the result of a genetic mutation.

Animals of rare color are deprived by nature as they are difficult to camouflage in hostile environments, making them easy prey.