August 11, 2022
Read Jade Picon's speech on Arthur Aguiar in full

Read Jade Picon’s speech on Arthur Aguiar in full

last night in”BBB 22″ (TV Globo), The brothers faced another game of contention and rivals Arthur Aguiar and Jade Bacon, Seventh Wall Names with Jessilaneexchange criticism again.

The influencer surrounded the actor, Asking him if he had the guts to point it at the wall if he had answered the big phone and quote The episode where Thiago Abravanel left without doubling in the leader test:

Read the entire letter:

Since I’m a constant in the game, and when I have a problem with someone, I solve it directly, I call Arthur, who’s the one I’m on the wall and I want to leave tomorrow. Let’s go: I find you incoherent for a number of reasons, but I’ll give you a summary, starting with what I’ve already said. When I have a problem with someone, I solve it with them and I feel like you didn’t have that consistency in your choices. Jade Bacon

“I’ve already put you right on the wall two, three times, counting on the phone I answered. You’ve had two chances to tickle, to put me on the beast, to make a nuisance and you haven’t.” [sua justificativa]But this remains my opinion. If so, I’ll put you on xepa. If you were a leader, I would put you in xepa. We have a problem and I play this way, we have this difference, I think you are not coherent in this way.”

The other thing I did, which I found very incoherent, was with your friend Thiago, something I even talked to. He was someone you said, in a game of discord, that you wouldn’t know what would happen to you without him here in the game, and the first chance you had there in that room, you gave up on him, leaving him without a partner. When Tadeu said Tiago doesn’t have a partner, she didn’t even move, I was still, that was something I talked to Tiago about. Jade Bacon

‘I said, ‘I saw that the person you give more priority to at home, and the opportunity she had to show you something, did not.’ He agreed later, it’s something he could pronounce. Anyway, I also found you incoherent in this situation and in many situations Others, but I think it’s really good.”

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