August 9, 2022
Read The Last Duel Review

Read The Last Duel Review

[Aviso de GATILHO: o texto a seguir, assim como O Último Duelo, menciona assuntos delicados que podem causar desgaste emocional e psicológico]

Although discussions about political and social agendas have gained more space thanks to social media, there are few examples found in the entertainment industry that faithfully reflect this growth. Big studios often focus their stories on white and middle-aged men, even when they have nowhere to speak. or another duelNew medieval movie Ridley Scott, shows starkly the pattern, using a vision of two men to tell the true story of a 14th-century French woman who sought justice after being raped. Even with competent and creative editing, it is impossible to ignore the discomfort of narrative displacement.

The film is based on the true story of Marguerite de Carrogues, who lived here Jodi Comer, the French noblewoman who defied medieval customs by condemning the man who raped her, Jacques Le Criss (Adam Driver) and the trial that followed the crime. Trying to reassemble the situation from three different angles, or another duel lost in painful repetition, more concerned with proving the rivalry between Le Cris and Jean de Carrouges (Matt Damon) from Margaret’s struggle for justice at a time when the church was dictating every law to the nation.

The first two acts of the film bring a problematic construction of the main trio. Even though you repeat the same story three times and from three different points of view, Damon’s scenario, Ben Affleck (Double the Oscars Indomitable genius) NS Nicole Holofsner (good people) does not delve into his heroes, whose stories are reduced to sporadic episodic dialogues. This superficial image is especially evident in Margaret’s development which, despite repeating the story three times in two hours, ends. or another duel to her status as a noble wife. Unlike Le Cris and de Carrouges, who at least comment on their past actions in secluded moments, the character doesn’t have any details of her story before her husband is revealed, as if she simply wasn’t there before their wedding night. In a classic example of cooling, Margaret used her suffering in the script merely as a motive for the actions of the men around her, without any apparent characteristic beyond the kindness and beauty expected of a girl in distress.

Another big problem or another duel It is the uninspiring performance of the main team. Matt Damon and Adam Driver, for example, interpret each dialogue with soap opera pomp, sparring for the camera like two brothers fighting for their parents’ attention. However, the worst explanation goes back to Ben Affleck. The actor seems to be regressing to the worst stage of his career, offering a job befitting a celebrity Daredevil: the brave man NS risk contact.

What prevents the movie from being irreparable is Jodie Comer’s franchise. So stuck to a shallow figure, the actress from Kill Eve He ramps up the little material the script gave him with a powerful and emotional performance, which translates into the frequent physical and psychological abuse Margaret has suffered over the years.

Scott also does his best to avoid 150 minutes or another duel The audience is bored. The filmmaker brings each of the perspectives together in a different way, in a construction that reinforces Marguerite’s testimony and gives weight to the title fight between Jean and Lou Chris. The action scenes in the film bring the distinctive intensity presented by the director in films such as The legend, the gladiator NS Crusade.

With a script better than that provided by Damon, Affleck and Holofsner, the film may have had something more brutal. Unfortunately, the trio leave everything heavy to Eat and Scott, who alone can’t do much or another duel It became something more than just something else Turnout It can be forgotten in the Middle Ages.

or another duel

The last duel

or another duel

The last duel

general: 2021

nation: United States / England

classification: 14 years

Period: 142 minutes

direction: Ridley Scott

road map: Nicole Holofsner, Matt Damon, Ben Affleck

List: Jodi Comer, Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, Adam Driver