February 1, 2023
Eu Vi em Linhares

Reader loses 50 kg without surgery in Linhares

“I am still in the process of losing weight, but before I lost weight I was a person who no longer had an active life. I had serious problems with my knees and spine and could no longer walk properly.” This is how reader Julia Gracila Bondi, 39, a resident of Pontal do Ipiranga, on the coast of Linhares, began telling us about the amazing change in her life and the loss of at least 50 kg in a six-month period, without surgery. . She is one of the people that Postgraduate Dietitian helped with with eating disorders, obesity and bariatric surgery, Isvia Ferrari. Grasiela’s result went viral and if the dietitian’s schedule was full, it ended up getting even busier.

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“Thank God I had the opportunity to meet Isfia Ferrari, who is more than just a mother. He gave me his work and I did not depend on a diet, but on nutritional re-education. She told me I am what I eat. I entered treatment, and in 6 months I got rid of 50 kilograms of healthy eating. and physical activity. Today I can walk, run, and put aside my sedentary life to live a life of joy,” adds Graciela.

The reader, as described above, said that she is still in the process of losing weight, but losing 50 kilograms has changed her life. “I do everything, I don’t go hungry, I follow instructions and every day is a success,” she adds.

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Skinny you too – Logo Isvia Ferrari, Dietitian, Postgraduate Graduate in Eating Disorders, Obesity and Bariatric Surgery. Specialization in Special Diet, Obesity Control Strategies, Diet Therapy and Functional Foods Applied to Weight Loss is: “Changing Eating Habits Leads to Quality of Life.” It operates in Linhares – Centro, Rio Bananal and São Jorge de Tiradentes. Contact phone number (Whatsapp) is 27 99967-9080.